Eurowatch – vehicle tracking system in Europe

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The company AUTOAWACS BOHEMIA Ltd. has been since 2009 a partner of EUROWATCH CENTRAL Ltd. London. Nowadays, EUROWATCH is a system of services operated by TELETRAC NAVMAN (UK) Ltd. Our company has been therefore providing qualified services for more than 10 years – intervention in case of vehicles theft in Europe.

About security system EUROWATCH:

EUROWATCH is European system of vehicle security, covering more than 30 countries, provided by national operators, interconnected by unified technology of vehicle security. The number of countries involved in the vehicle security system is continuously updated and has the upward trend. Countries currently connected to the EUROWATCH system are available lower on this page. In the event that a vehicle, registered under a specific national service provider, is stolen, all the necessary information’s are passed over the EUROWATCH system centre in London, directly to a computer of a particular national service provider in the country, where the involved vehicle is located. The local operator will take the necessary steps for vehicle recovery in cooperation with the local police.

As the National Service Provider of EUROWATCH system for Czech Republic we cover the following service areas:


JaguarWatch service – stolen vehicles tracking system used for all types of Jaguar brand.

Land Rover Watch

Land Rover service – stolen vehicles tracking system used for all types of Land Rover brand.

Jaguar Land Rover InControl Secure

Vehicles security system for Jaguar and Land Rover, interconnected with a mobile application of the vehicle owner.

Aston Martin Tracking

Aston Martin Tracking service – stolen vehicles tracking system used for Aston Martin V8 Vantage, DB9 and another vehicle types. 


Service provided to the carriers, truck operators, freight forwarders, all customers who need to ensure the safety of vehicles, freight and drivers during transportation across the Europe. The service is provided in accordance with directive TAPA TSR 2017 and is continuously updated according to the updates of TAPA directive. 


Service for long-term (at least one year) security of personal vehicles, focused mainly on the vehicle theft. This service is suitable for customers, who are often travelling abroad, or who want to be sure of physical intervention on the vehicle in case of an emergency even outside Czech Republic.


Service for short-term (at least one month) security of personal vehicles, focused mainly on the vehicle theft on occasional leaving of Czech Republic e.g. for holiday.

All the services use the international GPS / GSM standard and meet most of the of the insurance companies’ strict criteria in each country. We facilitate the customers, using our services, to get the highest possible insurance indemnity. The devices are thoroughly tested and are fully covered by 2, or 3 years warranty.

Overview of countries where EUROWATCH is operated

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